About me



Michal Bednar is an architect with 6 years professional practice. Graduated at CTU in
Prague. As a member of the academic studio FLO(W) he is specialized in digitally-driven
adaptive architecture. During his practice he focuses on computational design with the
use of parametric and scripting software such as Grasshopper for Rhino3d, Processing
or Digital Project.
He has work experience as an intern at Laboratory for Visionary Architecture (Stuttgart) or
design architect at Czech based studio Len+k architekti s.r.o. In AECOM he was a mem-
ber of a team specialized in design of sports buildings, such as stadiums and arenas. He
has been involved in design teams to establish initial design concepts, design develop-
ment and production of tender information. Multi-disciplinary teamwork and extensive use
of 3D and parametric computer tools to facilitate the design process are key aspects of
his approach to design.

2009 – 2012 Czech Technical University in Prague,Faculty of Architecture
                       masters degree, www.studioflorian.com
2004 – 2009 Czech Technical University in Prague, Faculty of Architecture, Bachalors degree

2013             dPAV, workshop with Cecil Balmond, Prague, Czech Republic, http://workshop.resite.cz/
2012             Velveteen Rabbit workshop, arduino workshop with Agnieszka Pokrywa,
                     Brmlab – hackerspace in Prague, Czech Republic
2011             Generative modelling with Grasshoper 3d,
                     workshop by Dimitry Nikitin, Prague, Czech Republic
2010             DIY instruments, workshop with Nicolas Collins, Prague Czech Republic
2008             Workshop Touches of Renaissance, Florence, Italy

Award, exhibition, publication:
2013             Experimental Architecture Biennial in Prague 2013,
                     invited for exhibition and speaking at symposium with project LiquidZooid
2012             1.st price in competition for Amazonia pavilion at Prague ZOO, Len+k architekti s.r.o.
2010 / 2013 publication of academic projects at czech architectural magazine Architekt
                     01 2010 / published project LiquidBlocks
                     03 2013 / published project EvoTectonics
2007             ROCKHOUSE Low Energy Building Competiton
                     1.st price in category – students project (kindergarten MŠ Hanspaluka)

Work expirience:
2014 – 2018 AECOM SPORTS, London, UK
2013 – 2014 Len+k architekti s.r.o. ,Prague, CZE, www.len-k.cz
2013 – 2014 Visuin, private teaching of 3d max and renderings, http://visuin.com/
2012 – 2013 Laboratory for Visionary Architecture,, Stuttgart, GE, http://www.l-a-v-a.net/
2007 – 2012 Freelance 3D Graphic Designer, CZE
2011 – 2013 Len+k architekti s.r.o. ,Prague, CZE
2007 – 2009 LINE architektura s.r.o., Prague, CZE